Title 24 calculations are required
for all new house building plans.

California regulations require that all new house building plans have Title 24 energy calcs before the house plans can be submitted to the building department. This requirement has been in place for more than 30 years.

Title 24 calculations specify the type and size (btu output) of the heating and cooling units in the house. It also specifies the type of wall and ceiling insulation, as well as the required type of window glazing. Just about all windows have to be dual-glazed nowadays with the possible exception of garage or barn windows. However, a large percentage of glass in a home (in comparison to the home's square footage size) frequently means that "low E glass" must be called-out on the plan. The Title 24 report will specify all of these requirements, and some sheets of the calculations must be made a part of the new house building plans.

For the past 30+ years, we have used Gallant Energy Consulting in Escondido (formerly Haynal & Company) to provide Title 24 calculations for our plans. Their calculations have always gained building department approval and their prices are reasonable. Most of our clients (more than 90%) have us take the plan to Gallant Energy Consulting when its time to get the Title 24 report (near the end of the planning process). However, if you know of someone who can do these calculations for you, then we will incorporate their calcs into the plan instead.

The Title 24 calculations do not take long to complete - usually a few days, and are not required to be done until the plan is almost finished. Some of the information in the calcs finds its way onto our spec sheet. And it is important to make these items clear and understandable. For example, our heating note information on the spec sheet in the new house building plans is taken in part from the Title 24. So is the glass glazing information on the window schedule, and also the sizing and type of water heating system in the house (tankless systems versus conventional water heaters using a recirculating pump).

Here is an example of Title 24 energy calculations as supplied by Gallant Energy Consulting.

There are a lot of items needed to get a set of new house building plans ready for building permit submittal. We try to cover all the bases right from the start so there are no surprises later on.

Other required plan calculations:

Structural engineering calcs

Roof truss calculations

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