Modern residential architecture
includes many types of structural
framing connectors.

At this time in history, modern residential architecture involves the use of numerous hardware straps and ties in order to meet the requirements of good earthquake building design. Large house plans and small house plans alike get detailed with framing hardware from the Simpson Strong-Tie Company.

These framing connectors insure that a home is structurally well integrated and grounded securely from the foundation up to the roof framing members.

The Simpson Strong-Tie catalog has many different kinds of steel connectors and straps listed in it. Some are designed as special foundation holdown straps and bolts (used to tie the framing members to the foundation). Others are pre-cast steel beam connectors and beam ties. Still others are made for roof trusses or roof rafters and ceiling joists. There is no shortage of items to choose from. Shown below are excerpts from the Simpson catalog.

Holdown straps can be used to bolt wood posts to the foundation,
or as a tie between floor levels as pictured above.

Simpson column caps are used to connect a beam to a post,
or to connect two (or more) beams to a single post.

On our house plans, you will see many references to Simpson products - especially on the Foundation and Framing plans. Modern residential architecture, when designed correctly, easily meets all structural requirements issued by the building department.

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