New house blue prints are a
road map for the home builder.

Once a set of house plans is completed, they are sent to the printer for the final house blue prints to be run (or, if you prefer to call them - "house blueprints"). Many years ago, they were indeed "blue prints". The entire page background was blue in color with the house drawing lines showing as white. Later, blueprint machines were developed which printed blue ink on a white page background. Today, large Xerox type machines print house "blueprints" as black line drawings on a white bond paper. The newer prints hold up longer in the field (the older blueprints tended to fade over time which made them difficult to read.

We currently have our "blueprints" printed at Bell Blue Reprographics in Oceanside, California. Bell Blue Reprographics can also put the new house drawings on a computer disc or thumb drive if desired.

Each client of ours decides how many final sets of prints they would like to order - according to how many different house building bids they wish to receive. At least two sets of final house blue prints get submitted to the building department for plan review.

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